We passionately believe in the power of Purposeful Play!

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At Purposeful Play...

We engage in fun, goal-oriented play with the purpose of strengthening, enriching, connecting, developing, bonding, and empowering through intentional therapeutic play.

Activities are tailored to all ages and stages of life in order to nurture healthy relationships, improve problematic behaviors, and support personal success. Each individual session, family session, or therapeutic play group is facilitated by a professional with high educational, experiential, and therapeutic standards, as well as a desire to help individuals and families grow stronger and healthier.

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About Us

We specialize in theraputic play to treat attachment issues, problem behaviors, trauma, and parenting concerns. 

Services We Offer

Committed to providing a full spectrum of therapeutic services. We provide evidence-based therapeutic services, purposeful play, education, support, and nurture a healthy emotional connection. 

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Purposeful Play provides a cutting edge therapeutic experience that is purposefully different from most traditional therapeutic approaches. 

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We welcome partnerships, students, daycare centers, child welfare workers or anyone that is interested in seeing our facility or want more information on play therapy.


Purposeful Play Family Enrichment Center
6051 N Brookline Avenue, Suite 108
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112


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